“Doubt” Opens This Weekend in USF Theatre Department

By Debbi Jones

“Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction is a resting place and doubt is infinite – it is a passionate exercise. You may come out of my play uncertain. You may want to be sure. Look down on that feeling. We’ve got to learn to live with a full measure of uncertainty. There is no last word. That’s the silence under the chatter of our time.”

–John Patrick Shanley

A Preface to his play, Doubt: A Parable

It’s opening night for USF’s production of Doubt: A Parable. In his preface to the play, Shanley states all that needs to be said. The play is set in 1964 at a Catholic school in the Bronx. The story juxtaposes the rigid righteous leadership of Principle Sister Aloysius (Kaitlynn Wornson) against the more loose Vatican II principles of Father Brendan Flynn (Zach Dresch). Though it will be easy for audience members to get caught up in the need for certainty, Father Flynn highlights an important detail in a confrontation with Sister Aloyisius when he asks, “Am I not flesh and blood like you? Or are we just ideas and convictions?” As Dennis Thum discussed in his sermon during Tuesday’s chapel, sometimes, people have a tendency to worship their convictions and beliefs more than the pursuit of truth or even God. The real question of the play is not who is wrong, but rather: What happens when you aren’t sure?

Doubt: A Parable. Under the direction of Jen Dickenson, stage managed by Daniel McBride and featuring actors Kaitlynn Wornson (Junior), Zach Dresch (Junior), Debbi Jones (Senior) and Marissa Vivens (Sophmore).

Friday, Feb 28th and Saturday, Mar 1st – 7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 2nd – 2:00pm
Next weekend:
Friday, Mar 7th and Saturday, Mar 8th  7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 9th – 2:00pm
Saturday performances feature talk backs (discussions) with Fr. Charles Cimpl of St. Michael’s Parish, Sioux Falls. 

 USF STUDENTS – 1 Free Ticket
USF Faculty/Staff – 2 Free Tickets