Football Team Has New Coach, Updated Staff

Story by Evan Gentry

A new season means new coaches. These new coaches are already game planning and working for the success they are looking for. The biggest coaching changes come on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive line coach Tremaine Jackson was given a new title and more responsibility. He was promoted to defensive coordinator.

“I’m the new defensive coordinator here at the University of Sioux Falls. Last year I served as the defensive line coach here at Sioux Falls and we are implementing a brand new defense,” Jackson says. “Hopefully we’re attacking, getting after people, not allowing people to dictate things to us, and just going to try and be better than we were a year ago and, and hopefully that will get us to where we want to go. Eventually we want our defensive to be the core of this. We want it to, we want to win the NSIC championship and the old saying is “Offense wins games, defense wins championships. We want to build that mantra here and get us back to where we use to be defensively.”

Eric Inama was brought onto the staff less than a week ago and already he is hard at work preparing for the new season.

“All right well, I guess this is the second tour of duty for me,” Inama says. “I was here for the 2007 season, 2008, and also 2009. Real special time within this program. There was strong tradition when I got here but the three years that I was here we were 42-1.  It wasn’t because of the coaching staff it was because of the kids. We had great kids, tremendous work ethic, and I’m really excited to be apart of that.  As I finished up, I was actually here as a graduate assistant. I did my MBA here at the University of Sioux Falls. After I finished my GA in 2009, I had an opportunity to take a defensive coordinator job down at Midland University. So I was down at Midland University. I was down there for four seasons. Actually my last spring here was right when the coaching change took place and Coach Stugart came in. I had an opportunity to work with him for about four or five months. It was a phenomenal opportunity and kind of see how the new direction of the program. I had a great relationship with coach and knew that if I had an opportunity to come back some day or work for Coach Stugart, I would be really excited about that. I’m just here a few weeks back. I had an opportunity to come back and it really wasn’t a hard decision for me. I’m excited to be back after four years at Midland.”

With the 2014 season months away, the football team will kick it off with spring ball in three weeks.