Students Enjoy Small Campus Life

Story by Evan Gentry

Many students attend large universities where they are just another student. At the University of Sioux Falls students enjoy being in a smaller school with friends and people they consider a family. Students like the fact they can be close with everyone at the university. The students have personal relationships with their professors where as at a large college don’t. James Broaddus, a transfer from Florida A&M, tells College Week “At FAMU they treat you as just another number.”

Having a personal relationship with the instructors can help the students understanding of the subject. These personal relationships prove to beneficial. Zack Tamburo, a transfer from the Air Force Academy, talks about being able to be a place where community is close has helped his attutide about higher education. Zack transferred to USF because his best friend from high school, Matt Young. Young was crucial in the transfer process for Tamburo. Tamburo Tells College Week “I’m very happy here at the University of Sioux Falls.”