Sex Trafficking Awareness

Story by Evan Gentry

That beautiful girl down the street may not be there one day. Yes she may grow up and go to college and find a husband, or she could get caught up in the business of sex trafficking. Do not be fooled because you live in South Dakota.

Sex trafficking takes place everywhere and the Junior League of Sioux Falls is on a mission to put an end to this nasty, ugly business.

Katie Meert had this to say “The Junior League of Sioux Falls is bringing awareness through two task forces.”

These task forces are working to stop sex trafficking and put pimps behind bars as well as rescue these young woman an return them to safety.

The biggest influence on USF’s campus is Lori Rensink. Rensink has been doing Scribbles of Hope for some time and she has made an impact. Rensink is one of the main reasons why the Junior League of Sioux Falls was on campus Saturday, April 5, 2014.