Students Embrace Entrepreneurship

The University of Sioux Falls is home to many future CEO’s.

Blaze Kilians Coo Snacks is helping students at the University of Sioux Falls by selling and delivering a wide variety of snacks and drinks to students who are booked with homework or just don’t want to leave their dorm room. “I’ve been in the situation where I really want a monster or a pop, candy bar, or maybe something healthy, like an apple or an orange,” says Blaze Kilian, a senior at USF.  It’s a non-profit organization and proceeds will be donated to Teresa’s home, which is a charity in Africa.

Christin VanderPol’s One Love Trading Company provides many products from different artisans from all over the world. “I have a passion for third world countries, and the lack of opportunity that they have. Here in the U.S we have many opportunities,” says VanderPol, a sophomore at USF.

Books can be pricey but USF students Blaze Kilian and Bobby Brockmueller have joined together to form Cash for books “We buy books from students, and we really want students to get the best price,” says Blaze Kilian and Bobby Brockmueller match their prices online with Amazon and with the USF bookstore as well.