Students Make Summer Plans

Summer is only 3 weeks away and although most USF students are already planning their summer activities, they still need to get ready to finish the year strong.

Jasson Effinger, a USF freshman, says that he is planning on finishing the year strong.

“I am just going to buckle down and study, you know, pop to it,” Effinger says.

“I’ll do as much homework as I can and procrastinate less,” Kara Buller, another freshman says.

Garrett Rowe is a USF senior. He says he is ready to finish some final projects.

“I’ll just study and read a bunch. I’ve got a bunch of projects due which is kind of a bummer, but I’ll figure it out,” Rowe says.

Although finals come first, most students are looking forward to what the summer holds.

“This summer I’m actually staying here so I can work, and I’m going to be taking trips home in between work to Casper, Wyoming, so that’ll be fun,” Buller says.

“I am planning to just chill, get a job,” Effinger says. “At this point my only trip is to travel back to St. Louis to see a Cardinals game with my family.”

Rowe has some exciting plans involving summer.

“Well, I’m going to Italy for two weeks with the choir, so that’s pretty sweet. And then I’m planning just on going home the rest of the summer and working,” Rowe says.

That’s how students plan to finish their week strong and start off a great summer.