USF College Week Spotlight : Thomas Marshall

It’s a slow, sleepy May Saturday afternoon on the campus of the University of Sioux Falls. As the semester winds down, senior Thomas Marshall reflects on his time with College Week.

Originally a Sports Medicine major, it didn’t take Marshall long to switch to a Media Studies major.

“Yeah, I received my associate’s degree in junior college in California in sports medicine,” said Marshall. “Sports Theory and Therapy is what we called it. But here it’s called Sports Medicine, so I would’ve taken too many biology classes and—no—I wouldn’t have done that.”

He quickly realized it might have been the best decision he’s ever made.

“I’m loving it man, a lot of experiences,” said the enthusiastic senior. “First time ever doing it wasn’t until I first stepped foot on this campus and changed my major that first day at USF]so it’s been a blessing and an experience.”

Marshall’s passion for sports media may have found its roots in his love for football.

“I love sports and I got recruited to play football, as well,” continued Marshall. “So, I was blessed to do that, as well. And I just entered my senior season. I like to be social with people, obviously.  I like to be on camera you know, being a sports anchor talking about sports, I love doing that, I mean, I can do that all day.”

The fun loving senior has fit right in and may have a promising future in his chosen field.

“I like to live for today and look forward to tomorrow, of course, but this has opened up a lot of doors for me. I can’t complain at all.”

Marshall says he’s grateful for the experience College Week has given him and is graduating with a few goals in mind.

“I see myself, if I’m still in Sioux Falls, you will definitely see me on a sports channel or Keloland, or any type of sports segment that you can see in front of a camera,” said Marshall after some thought. “That’s my ultimate goal since I became a Media Studies major. So, hopefully, that’ll work itself out…I think it can.”

Marshall can be sure his College Week classmates wish him well in all his future endeavors.